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First climate change link to krill and whale populations

Greens Healthy Oceans spokesperson, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, said the findings of a CSIRO-led study, linking climate change to the abundance of krill in the Southern Hemisphere, are a gloomy reminder of the harsh impacts of climate change.


“Our oceans are facing their greatest threat in history from climate change, plastic pollution and overfishing.


“Our oceans are warming at a rate never before seen, up to 90 per cent of global fisheries are either overfished or fully exploited, and there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans by 2050.

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Greens plan to invest in non-lethal shark mitigation measures

Greens Healthy Oceans spokesperson, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, has today announced a plan to invest in new technologies that can help reduce the risk of shark encounters without further damaging the marine environment.  

Senator Whish-Wilson said, “The Greens have a plan to manage the risk of shark encounters and strike the right balance, in both public debate and policy, between the role of government and personal responsibility.

“One of the reasons that governments are not making good policy is due to a lack of knowledge about sharks in Australian waters.

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Senate tables inquiry report on $444m grant to Great Barrier Reef Foundation

The Senate Environment & Communications References Committee inquiry report into the Great Barrier Reef 2050 Partnership Program was tabled today by the Chair of the inquiry, Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson. 


Senator Whish-Wilson said, "This was the Senate at its best, acting swiftly and working cooperatively to scrutinise, in full, government policy of significant public importance.


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Support for Legal Challenge to Japan's Taiji Dolphin Hunts

Greens Healthy Oceans spokesperson, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, has given support to Action for Dolphin's legal challenge to the world's largest dolphin hunts in Taiji, Japan.  


Senator Whish-Wilson said, “This legal challenge will focus the entire international community's attention on the cruel and inhumane mass slaughter of dolphins that happens too often in Taiji.


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Major concerns over application for seismic testing in Tasmania

Healthy Oceans Spokesperson, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, has expressed major concern over an application lodged by 3D Oil overnight to conduct seismic testing in the Otway Basin, west of King Island.

Senator Whish-Wilson said, "Seismic testing poses an unacceptable risk to the health of our oceans and it’s shocking just how little research has been done on the impact that seismic testing has on our marine life and fisheries."

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Queensland's shameful shark culling program challenged in court

Greens Healthy Oceans spokesperson, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, has come out in support of a legal challenge to the Queensland Government’s “archaic and shameful” shark culling program in the Great Barrier Reef, the hearing for which will be held in Brisbane today. 

Humane Society International, represented by the Environmental Defenders Office NSW, is arguing that the shark control program is in conflict with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority's responsibility to protect the reef, as the drum lines continue to kill sharks, turtles, rays and other marine life. 

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New research shows alarming ocean warming

Greens Healthy Oceans spokesperson, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, says dire research published today in the Science journal shows accelerated ocean warming and is yet another frightening wake-up call to the Morrison Government and big business to get serious about climate change and the harsh impact it is having on Australia’s oceans.


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2018 in Review

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Australia must stand up to Japan's rogue decision to leave the IWC

Greens Healthy Oceans spokesperson, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, is calling on Australia to put urgent diplomatic pressure on Japan after Japanese Government sources revealed they will withdraw from the International Whaling Commission in a bid to resume commercial whaling. 


Senator Whish-Wilson said, “This will be an extraordinary rogue move by Japan that slaps the rest of the international community, who actually uphold a strong commitment to rules-based international order, in the face. 


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Farewell and thank you to Sea Shepherd's MY Steve Irwin

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