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Federal Government scraps recovery plans for Tasmanian flora and fauna at risk of extinction

Tasmanian species on the brink of extinction have today lost their federally funded recovery plans despite the Federal Government being well aware that these critical plans expired today.

This includes recovery plans for some of Tasmania’s most iconic birds, such as the critically endangered swift parrot, the forty-spotted pardalote, King Island brown thornbill, King Island scrubtit as well as the Wedge-tailed Eagle.

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Tasmania left out in the cold by Federal Budget

The Greens have slammed the Morrison Government for using the budget for cynical electioneering purposes, while simultaneously destroying what makes lutruwita/Tasmania unique. 

Quotes attributable to Greens Senator for lutruwita/Tasmania, Peter Whish-Wilson:  

“This is an election Budget for the next 6 weeks, designed by the Morrison Government to buy and bribe its way back into office. There is no plan, no vision for Tasmania. 

“Sadly, the environment and climate are the big losers in this budget. 

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Green boost for budding hemp industry

Hemp has to be one of the most misunderstood plants on this planet. Despite it having multiple uses over thousands of years - including food, construction, fuels and fibre - the rise of drug culture and prohibition on cannabis has seen industry growth stymied. This is despite the cannabis plant used to grow it typically containing less than one percent THC.

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Greens refer alleged carbon credits fraud to Auditor General

Greens Leader, Adam Bandt MP, has referred allegations of a $1 billion taxpayer funded climate fraud through the government’s carbon credits scheme to the Auditor General and called for a full, independent inquiry into the claims.

Overnight a whistleblower, the highly-renowned former head of the Emissions Reduction Assurance Committee, Andrew Macintosh, described the program as “largely a scam”.

Quotes attributable to Greens Leader Adam Bandt MP:

“This is yet another rort from a terrible government.

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50th celebration of the Greens takes Adam Bandt to party's roots

Leader of the Australian Greens, Adam Bandt will tonight attend 50th anniversary celebrations for the Green movement in Tasmania, marking a full half century since local protests against the destruction of Lake Pedder, which cascaded into the largest third party political force in Australia today.

At the event, Mr Bandt will outline the party’s successes over the past 50 years of political and social movements, while providing an outline of the Greens election platform for Tasmania, and pathway to victory at the upcoming federal election.

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Greens pledge $580M to fix Tassie’s health system

Leader of the Australian Greens Adam Bandt MP has said that in balance of power in the Senate after the next election, the Greens will use their power to push the next Federal Government to boost Tasmania’s public hospitals, unveiling the Party’s plan to deliver over half a billion dollars to ensure that Tasmania can meet growing demand.

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Greens release plan for Federal Government leadership on protecting marine life and mitigating risks of shark bites

The Federal Government has an important role to play in protecting endangered marine life killed by lethal shark nets and drumlines deployed by the states. It also has a significant role in driving national investment in emerging shark risk mitigation measures to protect ocean goers. 

Unfortunately the Morrison Government has deliberately avoided taking any responsibility and has shown no leadership in this critical matter of public interests. 

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Greens ready to hold government to account on plastics treaty

The Greens have welcomed the UN agreement to negotiate a global treaty on plastic pollution by 2024, but warned Australia not to take a two-year pause on tackling the issue.
Quotes attributable to Greens spokesperson for waste and recycling, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson:
“The UN agreement has been touted as the most significant environmental deal since the 2015 Paris climate accord - we must now ensure the Morrison Government doesn’t try and undermine it in the same way. 

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Greens welcome offshore oil and gas exploration ban in NSW

The NSW Government’s decision to ban offshore oil and gas exploration has been welcomed by the Greens, who have commended the coastal communities that have fought tirelessly for the win.

Quotes attributable to Greens spokesperson for healthy oceans, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson: 

“Today’s decision by the NSW Government is momentous - but this win belongs to all those ocean-goers who have rallied hard on this matter for years in a bid to protect their  local marine ecosystems and avoid irreversible changes to the Earth’s climate. 

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