The solution for plastic polution

Our life-sustaining oceans are turning into a plastic soup and we need to do something about it.

Our oceans are under threat from marine plastic debris- rubbish, trash, waste, micro-plastics, litter - and this is on top of pressures from many other global threats - climate change, ocean acidification and overfishing.

Marine plastic debris is now recognised globally as a significant threat to biodiversity and the ecological functions of our oceans. It is officially recognised as a 'threatening process' under our own EPBC laws here in Australia. A threat abatement plan was put in place in May 2009. A statutory review of the success of this plan was due five years later, in May 2014. However, this review was not completed until 28 June this year, and it does not go far enough.

In 2015 the Greens initiated a Senate inquiry into the threat of marine plastic pollution in Australia. This is the nation's first ever parliamentary inquiry into the scourge of marine plastics and it's due to report in 2016. This means a nationwide container deposit scheme and a ban on plastic 'micro beads' and 'plastic bags' will be considered by the Senate.

This is the opportunity for the community, either as individuals or groups, to provide important feedback on the way plastic pollution impacts marine life and to highlight your concerns by reflecting on your own experiences.


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Container Deposit Scheme is the most effective way to clean up Tasmania


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Today in Tasmania, Australian Greens spokesperson for waste and recycling, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, announced the Australian Greens' costed plan to fund research that will fill a gap in the Government's approach to the threat of marine debris.



05 Sep 2013

Better management of Australia's waste provides an opportunity to create new industries and jobs, improve the natural environment and minimise waste production. A container deposit scheme and a national waste register will help this transition.

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