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Greens Infrastructure Financing Policy: Borrow big now to invest in projects large AND small

29 Apr 2016

The Australian Greens have today launched their policy to establish the Australian Infrastructure Bank on the back of a comprehensive Senate Inquiry into infrastructure with the inquiry report also being released today.

Greens spokesperson for Finance, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, said, “The Greens have prepared a comprehensive policy outlining a new way of national infrastructure financing. The Australian Infrastructure Bank will raise funds via bond issuances and a reformed approach to private equity. The Australian Infrastructure Bank will then grant or on-loan funds to all levels of government so they can get on with dealing with Australia’s infrastructure backlog.

“The Greens are prepared to increase the Australian Government’s investment in infrastructure by up to $75 billion over the next ten years. This will keep the consolidated government debt within a target range of 25% of GDP; and borrowing costs below 2% of GDP.

“Economists of all stripes are telling the government to stop being afraid of the D-word. Australia needs to step up and increase investment in productive infrastructure, to diversify our economy, to fight global warming and to provide for basic intergenerational equity.

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Last minute to midnight resolution for CSIRO climate scientists still equals cuts and uncertainty

27 Apr 2016

Chairman of the Senate Select Committee into the Scrutiny of Government Budget Measures, and Greens Senator for Tasmania, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, offers the following comments on today's Senate Hearing.

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CSIRO management to be grilled on final job cuts

26 Apr 2016

Greens Senator for Tasmania and Chair of the Senate Select Committee into the Scrutiny of Government Budget Measures, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, will use tomorrow’s hearing into CSIRO cuts to get to the bottom of the supposed final job loss numbers announced today.


Senator Whish-Wilson said, “Today’s announcement sounds like the Government has merely softened the blow for devastating job losses across the climate and environmental science functions within the CSIRO. The majority of the planned job losses will still go ahead.

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