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Turnbull and Robb give US corporations the right to sue Australia

06 Oct 2015

Malcolm Turnbull and Andrew Robb have done what John Howard and Mark Vaile refused to do: Via the TPP they have granted US corporations to the right to sue the Australian government over making laws in the public interest.

“The United States pushed hard for the inclusion of Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provisions in the 2004 US Free Trade Agreement but then Australia refused.

Trade Minister Vaille said at the time, “If we had that mechanism in there, it would enable foreign direct investors—if they were aggrieved about a decision taken by a local government body or a state government—to seek a remedy extraterritorially. We do not believe that is necessary in an agreement between two highly developed economies with very transparent legal systems that provide the opportunity for remedy within the state where the dispute may exist…”

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TPP meeting last chance for Australia to say no to ISDS

25 Sep 2015

Greens spokesperson for Trade, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, says that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) meeting beginning tomorrow in Atlanta, USA is the last chance for Australia to make a stand on excluding the Trojan Horse Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) clauses from this 12-nation (and growing) partnership agreement.

Senator Whish-Wilson said, “By signing up to the TPP the government is signing Australia up to give rights to corporations from 11 other nations to sue our government for making laws in the public interest if it affects those companies’ profits.

“The government says they are seeking safeguards against this but according to reports the Investment Chapter is closed and we are locked in.

“Once this agreement is signed there is no chance of amending it, either for the government or for the Australian Parliament.

"The Australian Government will have signed us up to an agreement that allows our laws to be challenged in an international private court without first consulting with the Australian people.

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Opportunity to fix broken treaty-making process lost with failure to trade Robb

21 Sep 2015

Greens spokesperson for Trade, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson makes the following comments regarding the recent portfolio shuffle:

“It is disappointing that Prime Minister Turnbull hasn’t used this opportunity to bring a new set of eyes and leadership to the Trade portfolio.


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