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Gathering for Julian Assange

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Peter Whish-Wilson 24 Nov 2020

If moral courage matters to us as a society, then whistleblowers and publishers need defending. Did you know our Government went after the whistleblowers and publishers of this weeks shocking #Afghan revelations of alleged war crimes and gross human rights violations by Australian Defence forces in Afghanistan?

While the ABC was raided in regards to these leaks, it seems the media-publishers wont be prosecuted by Christian Porter our Attorney General, however the whistleblower David McBride will be prosecuted and likely thrown in jail -for leaking these state secrets. Leaks such as this are deemed to be dangerous- by those in power- to our democracy and apparatus, functioning of state. Wow! Please think about that!

Here is the problem-in my opinion- and its as big as what underlies the #Afghan reports and their appalling disclosures of murder and criminality. We have a right to know what goes on in our name -and the victims of such war crimes have a right to the truth being told. So it is not the leaks themselves that are the threat to democracy, its the charges taken against those who leak and publish that is the real threat.

So it was good timing having two packed town hall meetings in Tasmania this week to watch Juan Passarelli's 'The War On Journalism', and discuss the persecution and extradition trial of Australian Walkley Award winning journalist Julian Assange - who exposed similar war crimes, brutality, human rights violations. You can watch the film below, and also watch the riveting discussion I had with people who know its time to speak out against the supression of the truth.

A big thanks to high profile whistleblower Andrew Wilkie MP, Greg Barns SC -assisting council for Assange, veteran journalist and household name Mary Kostakidis, Chamira Gamage from Amnesty International and Dean Yates ex Reuters Baghdad Bureau Chief for sharing their passion, experience and insights on this most important of topics. There has never been a better time than now to speak out on the injustice and danger facing us all when those fighting for transparency and truth telling are thrown behind bars, because they have embarrassed or threatened powerful people and secretive, shady organisations.

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