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Super Trawler Geelong Star leaves Australian waters in mysterious circumstances

Greens spokesperson for Healthy Oceans, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson welcomes the news that the factory-freezer vessel Geelong Star has left Australian water.

Senator Whish-Wilson said, “This situation is bizarre. The fisheries authority has posted a mysterious statement on their website about the Geelong Star no longer being in Australian waters. They haven’t said when it left, where it is has gone and if it is coming back.

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Federal Government needs to pitch in for Tasmania's water infrastructure needs

Greens spokesperson for Finance, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, today called on Tasmanian Liberal Senators to provide federal assistance for TasWater’s infrastructure upgrade program.

Senator Whish-Wilson said, “At a time when critical local infrastructure upgrades are needed, like those identified by TasWater, the federal government is proposing to cut payments to the states. The budget shows payments to the states are set to fall from $9 billion to $4 billion over the next four years.

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Salmon farm Senate Inquiry to illuminate muddy waters

The Greens spokesperson for Fisheries, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, has welcomed the Senate voting to establish an Inquiry into the sustainability of Tasmania’s salmon farms.

Senator Whish-Wilson said, “This Inquiry will help shine some light on some of the murky information that has recently surfaced regarding the sustainability of salmon farms in Tasmania.

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Australian Government continues to turn blind eye to pirate fishing vessels in our Antarctic waters

The Greens spokesperson for Fisheries, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson is calling on the Australian government to immediately deploy the Customs vessel ACV Ocean Shield to intercept the two pirate vessels currently illegally fishing off the coast of Australian Antarctic Territory.

Senator Whish-Wilson said, “It is not good enough that the Sea Shepherd has had to, yet again, do the Government’s job.

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Media Release // No plane in sight as whalers approach Australian waters

As the Japanese whaling fleet again approaches Australian waters, Greens spokesperson on whaling Senator Peter Whish-Wilson has repeated his call for the Australian government to intercede.

Senator Whish-Wilson said, “Sea Shepherd has again advised the Australian government about the whereabouts of the Japanese whalers. Greg Hunt’s stunt to monitor the whaling by plane has failed.

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Abbott Government fails to protect our waters and fishing grounds from criminals

Today, Australian Greens spokesperson for fisheries Senator Peter Whish-Wilson said the Abbott Government is failing to protect Australia's sovereign waters and fishing grounds from criminals, breaking yet another election promise.  A "purple notice" - a formal notification to provide information on modi operandi, procedures, objects, devices and concealment methods of criminals - was issued last week by Interpol for the fishing vessel "Thunder" currently suspected to be operating in the Southern Ocean.

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Hunt must outline his plan to stop ‘blood in the water’ in the Southern Ocean this summer

Following Minister Hunt’s election commitment to send the ACV Ocean Protector to the Southern Ocean, today Greens whaling spokesperson Senator Peter Whish-Wilson called on Greg Hunt to publicly outline his plan for action in full.

“The Antarctic whaling season is fast approaching and both the Japanese Whaling Fleet and the Sea Shepherd are readying for action,” said Senator Whish-Wilson.

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