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Australian Greens Continue to Provide a Voice for Those Impacted Under Mean-Spirited Newstart ‘Reforms.’




The Australian Greens today received a collection of gestures of hope in the form of love hearts from the Single Parents Action Group, SPAG, outside of the Tasmanian Parliament.

 Senator Whish-Wilson said the issue of the Government’s so-called ‘reforms’ to the Single Parent Allowance and Newstart had struck a nerve in Tasmania.

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Australian Greens Remain Committed to Fighting Un-just Newstart Changes

 Tasmanian Senator Peter Whish-Wilson is continuing the Australian Greens campaign to reverse recent changes to the Newstart and Single Parent payments today through handing out fliers outside the Glenorchy Centrelink in conjunction with the Tasmanian Young Greens and Single Parents Action Group, SPAG.

More than 5000 fliers will be dropped across Tasmania today and during the coming days.

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Government Needs to Reverse Mean-Spirited Changes to Parenting Allowance.


 Tasmanian Senator Peter Whish-Wilson has continued the Australian Greens Newstart campaign, throwing his support behind a local group, ‘SPAG’ (Single Parents Action Group) who oppose recent changes to eligibility for the Single Parent Payment.

“It’s good to see a grass-roots community campaign now developing which expresses the frustration of so many less fortunate Australians.

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