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Legislative Council says ‘yes’ to discrimination and ‘no’ to economic growth

The Tasmanian Legislative Council has today cost the Tasmanian economy millions of dollars of additional tourism income through rejecting the Same-Sex marriage bill, Greens Tourism spokesperson Senator Peter Whish-Wilson stated earlier today.


“What the Upper House has done today is pave the way for another state, such as South Australia, which is considering similar legislation, to profit from the Council’s blinkered approach,’ Senator Whish-Wilson said.


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Tasmania Well Positioned to Benefit From Same-Sex Tourism

Tasmanian Greens Senator and tourism spokesperson Peter Whish-Wilson has called on his home state to capitalise on the opportunities from becoming the first jurisdiction in the country to legalise same-sex marriage.

“It’s not just about being socially progressive, something Tasmania has a proud history on in this area, but I urge Tasmanians to look at the economic benefits as well.

“Tourism employs nearly 15 per cent of the Tasmanian workforce and is a major contributor to gross state product.

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