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Greens dental plan will help over 43,000 families in Tasmania

Australian Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson said today that the Greens have a fully-costed plan to make it easier for every Australian to see a dentist.

"The Greens already delivered a down payment on Denticare and now we want to finish the job," said Senator Peter Whish-Wilson.

"Oral health is important for overall health but unfortunately one in three Australians say they can't afford to see the dentist.

"The Greens believe that your health shouldn't be determined by your bank balance so we made dental reform a priority in this term of parliament.

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Australian Greens Welcome New Investment in Tasmanian Dental Health

Peter Whish-Wilson 27 Feb 2013


“The Greens made investing in dental health part of our agreement with the Prime Minister and I am very pleased to see that investment will shortly start flowing through to the people of Tasmania.

 From January 1st, 89,000 Tasmanian children will be able to see a dentist through Medicare, and it wouldn’t have happened without the Greens, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson stated.

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