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Ten uses for the Liberal's budget propaganda leaflets

Despite the Prime Minister promising that there will not be a taxpayer-funded advertising campaign, it is apparent that the Federal Liberal MPs will be bombarding Tasmanian letterboxes with their budget propaganda. Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, the Greens Senator for Tasmania, offers the following suggestions on how Tasmanians can best make use of this material.

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Budget cuts outsource the investigation of white collar crime to the community

Greens spokesperson for Small Business, Consumer Affairs and Competition Policy, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson comments on statements by the Chairman of ASIC, Greg Medcraft that ASIC will have to rely on more whistle-blowers to come forward to remain effective with their massive budget cuts.

Senator Whish-Wilson says, “Only 7 years after the global financial crisis this government's ideological pursuit of deregulation knows no bounds.

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No new Landcare grants a blow for Tasmanian community groups

Senator Peter Whish-Wilson has expressed his disappointment and concern that no new Landcare grants will be available for community groups over the next four years. Last night in Senate Estimates under questioning from Greens spokesperson for Agriculture Senator Rachel Siewert, Department of Agriculture officials confirmed that there is no money for new Landcare grants between now and 2018.

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Tasmanians put last by Liberal Government

Greens Senator for Tasmania, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson responds to the latest modelling from the National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling (NATSEM) released by TASCOSS today, showing that Tasmanian households will be the most affected households of anywhere in Australia from Tony Abbott’s horror budg

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