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Labor’s Carousel Cabinet Neglecting the Needs of Small Business


The Australian Greens have raised concerns Labor’s ad hoc approach to the small business ministry is undermining effective representation of this most important sector in the Australian economy.

Small business spokesperson Senator Peter Whish-Wilson stated it was a significant concern that the new minister, Gary Gray AO, MP has little time to become familiar with the issues facing the sector before the election.

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ASIO Building Dispute Reinforces Need for Federal Small Business Commissioner with Real Power


The ongoing dispute between ASIO and a number of small building firms to the tune of $6m is further evidence of the need for a Federal Small Business Commissioner with real authority.

Australian Greens Small Business spokesperson Senator Peter Whish-Wilson said the dispute focussing on ASIO’s new Canberra offices was a prime example of the institutional imbalance many small businesses faced when dealing with government departments.

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Australian Greens to Formalise Role of Federal Small Business Commissioner


The Australian Greens today announced their intention to formalise the role of the Federal Small Business Commissioner in legislation with a private member’s bill to be introduced into the Senate in late February.

Greens small business spokesperson, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson stated the Party was committed to seeing the role given some ‘real teeth’ in order for it to operate effectively.

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