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Urgent need for mandatory supermarket Code of Conduct

Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, Greens spokesperson for Competition Policy, Small Business and Consumer Affairs responds to the ACCC pursuing claims that Coles has been illegally squeezing some of its suppliers to help keep its prices down while maintaining its profits.

Senator Whish-Wilson says “These claims reinforce the need for a mandatory Code of Conduct for supermarkets to prevent them riding roughshod over their suppliers.

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Tasmanian Liberals backflip puts national Cash-for-Container scheme at risk

Greens Senator for Tasmania, Senator Whish-Wilson responds to Tasmanian Liberal Party comments that they will oppose any Cash-for-Container schemes.

Senator Whish-Wilson said, “The Tasmanian Liberals unthinking opposition to a Cash-for-Containers scheme puts at risk years of effort by state and federal governments to finally solve a piece of Australia's litter and waste puzzle."

Yesterday, Deputy Leader of Tasmanian Liberal Party, Jeremy Rockliff, used Clean Up Australia Day as a platform to say that the Liberals would oppose any scheme.

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Senator responds to ASIC admission that “We haven’t given up” on John Gay proceeds of crime

Today in Senate Estimates, under continued questioning from Tasmanian Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, ASIC have admitted that the John Gay proceeds of crime action is still alive.

Chris Savundra, Senior Executive Leader Markets Enforcement, ASIC said “proceeds of crime remains a live issue. We are in dialogue with the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecution”.

Chairman of ASIC, Greg Medcraft followed up in saying “We haven’t given up”.

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Australia can't afford an Abbott Government failure to deliver the “cash-for-containers” economic windfall

Today Australian Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson called on Environment Minister Greg Hunt to outline his new plan for delivering the economic, social, and environmental windfalls of a Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) given the Standing Council on Environment and Water (SCEW) was disbanded this month.

“With up to 3,000 jobs and $500 million in sustainable investment at stake nationally, on top of the millions to be saved by local governments across Australia, Minister Hunt needs to immediately outline how he will get this process back on track,” Senator Peter Whish-Wilson said.

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New retailer-supplier code a step in the right direction

"A voluntary code is a good first step but given the marked concentration of power and lack of competition in the Australian supermarket sector voluntary measures are unlikely to be enough to address misuses of market power by the two supermarket giants.

"As the market share of Coles and Woolworths has grown, they have squeezed the margins of some suppliers and put pressure on many farmers and local manufacturers. Small local shops are struggling to compete and consumers' favourite brands have disappeared from the shelves.

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Abbott shows his true colours on Tasmanian jobs and it's 'cuts, cuts, cuts'

Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson criticised the Abbott Government for taking the razor to jobs in Tasmania's vital science and research sector on the same day that Greens Education and Skills Minister Nick McKim announced $16M in funding to help train the Tasmanian scientists of the future.

"Now that the election is over we can see what the Abbott 'jobs plan' really means for Tasmania - sending the state backwards and derailing our transition to a diversified and resilient economy," said Senator Peter Whish-Wilson.

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Greens will defend penalty rates

The Australian Greens today reaffirmed their support for penalty rates and pledged to oppose any changes from a future Abbott government.

Greens Deputy Leader and industrial relations spokesperson, Adam Bandt, said the Greens were a vital line of defence against any Abbott-led attacks on people's rights at work.

"As the Greens have repeatedly said, penalty rates are a recognition of the unsociable hours that many people work," said Mr Bandt.

"Many people, especially young workers, rely on penalty rates to earn a living wage," Mr Bandt concluded.

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Cutting red tape is one thing, cutting taxes for small business is another

Australian Greens spokesperson for small business, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, has responded to Kevin Rudd's small business announcements by calling on him to back the Greens' plan to cut their taxes by 2%.

"Cutting red tape by reducing the GST compliance burden for small business is worthy of discussion and the Greens will consider supporting these moves," said Senator Peter Whish-Wilson.

"However, what Australia's small businesses need is a boost to their bottom line and that's why I'm calling on Kevin Rudd to back the Greens plan to cut their tax rate by 2%.

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Greens $3M plan to grow Tasmania’s world class reputation for premium products

While everyone now recognises the importance of Tasmania's ‘brand' the Greens were the first political party to recognise the importance of Tasmania's clean, green image as our competitive advantage. Well marketed identifiable products, adhering to ethical, health and environmental standards will command price premiums and continue to grow Tasmania's world class reputation.

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Abbott's divisive "mega-project" focus exposes lack of vision for Tasmanian economy

Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, Australian Greens spokesperson for small business, said Tony Abbott's offensive statements in Launceston today exposed his lack of vision for Tasmanian small business, the engine room of our State economy.

"Tony Abbott claimed today he has a 'special focus' on the Tasmanian economy but what his statements really show is that he has no vision for the small business sector that is the backbone of this state," said Senator Peter Whish-Wilson.

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