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National action on marine plastic pollution possible on World Environment Day

The Australian Greens have highlighted the opportunity for Australia to help solve a global pollution crisis on World Environment Day.

“We are facing a plastic pollution crisis in our global oceans of alarming proportions but Environment Minister Tony Burke can, this World Environment Day, take the most significant action yet to help solve this problem by publicly supporting National Container Deposit Legislation (CDL),” said Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, national spokesperson on waste and recycling.

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Greens call on Prime Minister to back community, local jobs - not Coca-Cola

The Australian Greens have written to Prime Minister Julia Gillard urging her to immediately reinstate the popular "cash-for-containers" recycling scheme in the NT after it was pulled down by legal action from beverage corporations including Coca-Cola.  The NT Government is currently propping up the scheme financially but this interim measure will reportedly run out on August 13th, according to the Katherine Times.

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Darling Harbour: Tourism Icon or Giant Litter Trap?

The Australian Greens have condemned the hard-headed tactics of the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority in their dealings with members of the Boomerang Alliance in Sydney today.

Greens waste spokesperson Senator Peter Whish-Wilson said, “Aside from the fact the group was highlighting the need for a national container deposit scheme all they were attempting to do was remove some of the significant amounts of marine plastic from Darling Harbour.

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Northern Territory 1: Coke: Zero in Cash for Containers Battle

The Australian Greens have welcomed Council of Australian Government’s (COAG)  announcement it plans to intervene and protect the Northern Territory’s  ‘Cash for Containers’ scheme, which is threatened by legal action taken by corporate beverage giants including Coca-Cola.

Greens waste spokesperson Senator Peter Whish-Wilson stated it was encouraging to see COAG and the Prime Minister stand up to Coke’s bully boy tactics.

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Cashing in Containers Makes Economic Sense

 The Australian Greens have welcomed a commitment from a collection of established international recycling companies to invest in the infrastructure necessary for a national roll out of a cash for containers scheme for Australia.

 Senator Peter Whish-Wilson stated this was another example of the potential for such a scheme to drive private investment and employment around the country, whilst creating positive environmental and social outcomes.

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2013 is the year for a national solution to beverage packaging waste - Greens National Council

Tasmanian Senator Peter Whish-Wilson joined Greens Leader Senator Christine Milne today to announce a Greens National Council resolution backing recycling in Australia against the self-interest of multinational corporations.

The Greens National Council, a key decision making body of the Australian Greens party, is meeting in Hobart this weekend.

The resolution reaffirms the Australian Greens determination and commitment to see "cash-for-containers" legislation rolled out across the nation in 2013 after a decade-long battle.

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