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More money for military hardware despite no change to threat level

Senator Whish-Wilson said, "Reports today about the Defence White Paper suggest that the paper will indicate that the threat level to Australia remains unchanged, yet somehow the Government has decided to continue to ramp up their Defence spending.

"I was expecting to see evidence of the fingerprints of the new Prime Minister and Defence Minister but the reports indicate the government is continuing to pursue Abbott-era policy settings. 

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Joint Strike Fighter Inquiry establishment a victory for democracy over special interests

Greens spokesperson for Defence, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, welcomes the support of the Senate to establish an Inquiry into Australia’s procurement of the $24 billion F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Senator Whish-Wilson said, “Despite heavy lobbying of the cross-bench by the world’s largest arms manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, the Senate today voted to establish an Inquiry into Australia’s $24 billion procurement of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

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Hearing into Veterans' mental health hosted at Homes for Heroes, Narrabeen

Today Greens spokesperson for Veterans' Affairs, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson attended the fourth public hearing of the Senate Inquiry into Veterans' mental health in Narrabeen Sydney.

The Homes for Heroes program from RSL Lifecare provided the backdrop and Geoff Evans, director of the program and a veteran himself who featured heavily in the related Four Corners episode, provided evidence to the hearing.

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Senate Inquiry into Veterans’ mental health begins tomorrow

Greens spokesperson for Veterans’ Affairs, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson will be attending the first public hearing of the Senate Inquiry into Veterans’ mental health tomorrow in Canberra.

Senator Whish-Wilson established the Inquiry following shocking revelations about the prevalence of mental illness, suicide and substance abuse amongst our defence force personnel returning from deployments and other service.

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Senator Peter Whish-Wilson - Adjournment Speech - Centenary of ANZAC commemorations.

There have been many speeches in this place and around the world that reflect upon the centenary of ANZAC commemorations. Politicians on all sides will talk of the sacrifice and bravery of the ANZAC diggers, nurses and other military personnel. It is right we do so. But it is also the right opportunity to seek the meaning of this sacrifice, and question what was achieved by the Great War, and how we should best honour and learn from the deaths of so many ANZAC's.

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"Protection of Word 'Anzac' Regulations" should be reviewed in light of Woolworths debacle

The Greens spokesperson for Veterans Affairs, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, welcomes the intervention by the Minister Michael Ronaldson in Woolworths’ misuse of the word Anzac, but says more needs to be done to prevent the commercialisation of the Anzac commemoration.

Senator Whish-Wilson said, “The Anzac commemoration means many things to many people, but what it should never become is a crass commercial opportunity where companies try to leverage an association for their brand.

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