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Liberals Northern Exposure Leaves Tasmania Out in the Cold

Media Release
Peter Whish-Wilson 7 Feb 2013

The Australian Greens have challenged the Federal Liberal Party to detail its plans to grow the Tasmanian economy following the leaking of their proposal for a Northern Australian economic zone.

Tasmanian Senator Peter Whish-Wilson stated it was becoming increasing clear the Liberals hadn’t given any serious consideration to the issues facing the State’s economy.

 “Last week Tasmanian Liberal Senator Richard Colbeck stated Tony Abbott had an economic plan for Australia, but today we’ve seen a discriminatory plan to preference Northern Australia ahead of the rest of Australia.

 “Where is their plan for Southern Australia, Tasmania in particular?

 “The question has to be asked are they taking Tasmania for granted because they expect to be a walk up start to win seats on the 14th of September.

 “The Liberals are keen to please big business in Northern Australia, it seems only fair Tasmanians are afforded the same courtesy.

 “This new Liberal plan to exclude Southern Australia and Tasmania from the nation’s future economic development is especially worrying in the light of the Liberals being evasive on GST redistribution funding.

 “The only party with a long-term economic vision for a sustainable Tasmania is the Greens, who will be releasing detail on this during the year”. 



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