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Joshua A. Frydenberg will you please borrow now!

Media Release
Peter Whish-Wilson 3 Sep 2019

Australian Greens' Treasury spokesperson, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, commented on today's economic results.

“Josh Frydenberg must today ditch the aim of paying down government debt.

“Money has never been cheaper. The economy has got the wobbles. The RBA is screaming for the government to act.

“Instead of following the outdated Chicago school doctrine, the government should be borrowing to build the public infrastructure that Australia needs to transform the economy for the 21st century.

“Borrowing to build public infrastructure will provide the economic stimulus that is needed in the short term, and provide the productivity and sustainability improvements that are needed in the long term.

“It is also a much better and fairer policy response to our economic woes than tax cuts for high income earners.

“We face an uncertain global environment and a climate emergency.

“Now is the time for a bigger government response, not a smaller one.”

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