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Immediate action required for King Island Brown Thornbill

Greens Senator for Tasmania, Peter Whish-Wilson, has welcomed the Australian National University’s recent discovery of the critically endangered King Island brown thornbill and called for immediate action from the Federal Government. 


Senator Whish-Wilson said, "Finally some good news for Australian wildlife and particularly for King Island, home to two of the top five bird species most likely to become extinct.


"Seven years ago, the Federal Labor Government signed off on a Management Plan for King Island with the aim for threatened species to recover and everything to be fine and dandy by 2020. But the reality is far from it.


"Even as the most likely bird to become extinct, the King Island brown thornbill is still without its own threatened species recovery plan. Instead, it is lost in a Management Plan for the entire island.


"The Morrison Government’s lack of action has fortunately not resulted in a complete wipe-out of this species. The government still has time to get this right by immediately implementing a recovery plan for the brown thornbill and properly funding it."


Senator Whish-Wilson attended a Senate Inquiry into Australia’s Faunal Extinction Crisis in Hobart on 4-5 February 2019 which discussed the dire situation that the King Island brown thornbill is facing.


"Australian wildlife is already suffering from climate change and seriously weak Commonwealth environment laws. It is time to give our wildlife and environment the protection it needs and deserves."


The Greens have a plan to introduce a new generation of environmental laws overseen by an independent regulatory body with real power to enforce environmental laws. 


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