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Healthy Oceans

Australia has unique marine ecosystems, but they are at risk from plastic pollution, climate change, oil and gas exploration & production, overfishing and other challenges. The Greens will reinstate management plans for Australia’s world leading network of marine reserves, protecting valuable marine ecosystems for current and future generations.

Australia had in place a world-leading network of marine reserves, before the Abbott-Turnbull Government effectively suspended them.

The Greens will protect Australia’s marine habitats by reinstating management plans for our marine reserves at a cost of $66 million, and provide $69.5m in compensation for displaced fisheries. The Greens will also:

  •   Provide $8m in additional funding for coral bleaching research, to improve our understanding of this critical threat.
  •   Boost shark research by $6m, to give us a better understanding of key species.
  •   Protect sharks from finning at a cost of $2.5m, to remove a key threat to sharks.
  •   Apply mandatory country of origin seafood labelling so that Australians can trust where their food is coming from, and
  •   Ban supertrawlers, to prevent further damage to key ecosystems.
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