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Greens continue to seek end of secrecy over the China Free Trade deal

Media Release
Peter Whish-Wilson 2 Dec 2014

Today the Senate voted down an Order for Production of Documents that would have required the Government to table the text of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement.

Greens spokesperson for Trade, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson said, “The Greens will relentlessly fight the secrecy of the Government’s trade agenda.

“Today the Senate voted down a motion from the Greens that would have compelled the Government to produce the text of the China-Australia trade deal. 

“While the Government are happy to spruik the supposed benefits of this deal, they are desperate to keep the details away from the public and away from scrutiny. What are they trying to hide?

“Releasing the text now, before it is signed, is the only opportunity for potential changes to the text to occur following democratic public and parliamentary input.

“The Labor Party voted with the Government to keep the text secret, thus continuing their practice from government of keeping these deals secret until they are signed.

“Labor has been calling for the Government to release the text, but words are cheap. When it comes to action they squib it.

 “The only party genuinely interested in transparency in trade deals is the Greens,” he concluded. 


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