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The Government's Free Trade Jobs #MATHSFAIL

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Peter Whish-Wilson 18 Sep 2015

While touting how *amazing* their China, Korean and Japanese Free Trade Agreements are, the government has made a humiliating error in repeatedly promoting the creation of 178,000 jobs. In reality their own modeling shows that there will be just 5,434 jobs created from these three FTAs in 20 years time. ‪#‎MATHSFAIL‬

The government has added the yearly total of jobs that will exist under the free trade agreements - a number that changes each year, like a bank balance.

If you take your last twenty years of bank statements and add up the balances, that WILL NOT equal how much money you've got - but that's what the government did when calculating the job figures.

The government has misled the public and misled the Australian people.

(Source: The Centre for International Economic's analysis of the economic benefits of Australia's North Asian free trade agreements (FTAs) prepared for DFAT).

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