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Australian Greens Welcome Launch of Tasmanian Digital Media Hubs

Media Release
Peter Whish-Wilson 19 Feb 2013


“The Australian Greens have welcomed yesterday’s launch of digital media hubs across Tasmania.

 The Greens were first to outline such a vision back in 2010 when they teamed up with TAFE  digital media teacher John Swindell and  Launceston youth to develop a policy concept  that called for the establishment of such digital media hubs, for the commercial and training potential of local youth and industry,’ Senator Peter Whish-Wilson stated.

 “While this initial announcement is welcome, we believe significant additional resources and incentives must be directed at using such centres for enterprise development, building the investment in new jobs that Tasmania needs for the future.

 “Commercial digital media opportunities, especially for the youth of Launceston, are now beckoning.

 “It is an industry that is attractive to youth, and suits Tasmania’s economy and structural challenges.

 “The Greens have identified digital media opportunities that can immediately leverage of existing Tasmanian industries, such as content development that enhances tourism services, online education and entertainment.

 “What’s required is an over arching policy plan to facilitate incentives for content investment and development.




Link to 2010 Greens Press release calling for creation of Tasmanian digital media hubs.





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