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Australian Greens Announce Tasmanian Senate Ticket

Media Release
Peter Whish-Wilson 1 Feb 2013


Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania Peter Whish-Wilson today announced the Party’s Senate ticket for the September 14 election.

 “I’m really pleased to be announcing health professional Helen Burnet, who has been a Hobart Alderman for the past seven years, as number two on the ticket, and

Penelope Ann, who brings experience from the arts, tourism and small business, as number three.

 “Both candidates bring valuable skill-sets to the ticket, with both having a strong record of speaking up for their local community.

 “The Greens are the only party committed to standing up for our environment and caring for communities against big business and the old parties who are taking us more and more into a dog-eat-dog future. 

 “The Greens are also the only party committed to standing up for those in our midst who struggle to be heard, such as those impacted by the government’s recent mean-spirited changes to the single parent allowance.”

 Alderman Burnet said ‘Tasmanians have a clear choice about the future they want at this election.  Only the Greens have a long-term view for our island-state, based on excellence, innovation and trading on our premium wilderness branding.

 “The old parties have delivered us the problems we now face and as Albert Einstein once said ‘you cannot solve problems with the same thinking that created them.’

 “I’m very honoured to be selected as Peter’s running mate for this campaign and I’m relishing the challenge.”

 Penelope Ann stated she would enjoy the chance to remind voters why supporting the Greens is a great way to ensure that key concerns about the economy, the environment and social justice will continue to be heard and acted upon.

 Senator Whish-Wilson welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement of the election yesterday as it provided certainty for Australians and the business community and ended the old parties protracted phony campaign.

 “Through balance of power in the Senate the Greens have maintained integrity and provided continuing accountability.”


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