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Assange Motion passes with cross-party support

Media Release
Peter Whish-Wilson 10 Nov 2020

A Greens motion to highlight the plight of Julian Assange has passed the Senate, with support from Labor and the crossbench. Senator Jacqui Lambie voted against the motion along with Government senators.

Greens member of the Parliamentary Friends of the Bring Julian Assange Home Group, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, moved the motion to highlight Julian Assange's contribution to journalism, and acknowledge the undue treatment he has faced.

“Today’s vote on this motion gives me hope. This parliament has come a long way on the Assange extradition issue in recent months.

"It is significant that the nation's Senate has at least acknowledged Julian Assange and some of the extraordinary and worrying aspects of his extradition trial.
“What this motion acknowledges are some basic facts, but they are facts that are obviously inconvenient to the Government, which is still unwilling to acknowledge the most basic aspects of the political witch hunt against Julian Assange.

“To do so would show up the Government's lack of courage and advocacy for their own citizen being held without charge in a foreign prison, awaiting extradition to the country whose war crimes he exposed. 
“The extradition trial is now set to resume in January 2020.
“The Obama administration did not pursue Assange but Trump did. Given the politically charged context of the trial, we have yet to see if the prospect of a new presidency will bring a reprieve to Assange’s case.

"Hopefully today's motion will give this prospect momentum.”

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