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ANZAC. 100 Years On. Q&A with Peter Cundall and Senator Peter Whish-Wilson

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Peter Whish-Wilson 17 Jun 2015

A century ago thousands of Australians were sent to fight a war on foreign soil, many never to return. It's right that 100 years later we feel strongly about that. How should we commemorate this? This is a video documentation of "ANZAC. 100 Years On" a Q&A with Peter Cundall and Senator Peter Whish-Wilsona on Wednesday 22 April, 2015.

Peter Cundall, AM is a horticulturalist, conservationist, author, broadcaster and television personality. Until the age of 81 he continued to be a presenter of the ABC TV program Gardening Australia. Near the end of World War II, Peter joined the British Army's Parachute Regiment and in 1946, he was stationed in southeast Austria at Sankt Paul im Lavanttal where he was guarding captured Nazi Waffen-SS troops. Shortly after, he was arrested by Marshal Tito's forces and was sentenced (without trial) to four years imprisonment for espionage, but was released into Trieste, Italy after six months in solitary confinement. Cundall enlisted in the Australian Army in 1950, believing that he was enlisting for a non-combat role as a librarian. However, he was immediately posted to Korea with the Australian 3rd Battalion, and saw action overseas as a machine gunner during the Korean War.

Senator Peter Whish-Wilson is a former member of the Australian Defence Force and the Australian Greens spokesperson for Veteran Affairs.

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