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AMP short on cultural change

Media Release
Peter Whish-Wilson 4 May 2018

Greens Treasury spokesperson, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, commented on the appointment of David Murray as the new Chair of AMP.

“I'm genuinely surprised at this announcement by AMP.

“If AMP wanted to make an appointment that would drive cultural change, or be seen to be doing so, there will be many people justifiably sceptical on whether David Murray is right for the job.

“David Murray is one the key architects of the sales-driven, profit-before-people culture that was the result of the vertical integration model of the big banks.

“He has been a public sceptic on the need for a Royal Commission into the banking sector, and has opposed breaking up the banks’ vertically integrated business models.

“Following the stunning revelations at the Royal Commission, that have turned even the harshest naysayers, is David Murray still of the view it was only necessary for political purposes? Is he still of the view that there is ‘nothing to see here’ and we need to move on?

“These are the first questions he needs to answer in his new role, if he is to be taken seriously on driving much needed cultural change,” he concluded. 

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