The Greens believe that fair trade, not just free trade, is essential.  Australia’s trade agreements must be multilateral, reviewable by Parliament and include clauses on the observance of human rights and labour laws, health and safety and environmental standards, to ensure that trade is not conducted at the expense of a more just and sustainable world. 

The Greens want Australia to play a positive role in ensuring that trade agreements contribute towards global poverty alleviation goals, and provide genuine opportunities and equity for less developed nations. 

Our priority is to ensure any trade agreements Australia enters into do not undermine our public health systems, intellectual property or cultural expression, or increase the rights and market domination of corporations at the expense of our civil society and environment. 


Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement negotiations are about trading away the National Interest

24 Oct 2014

The Australian Greens spokesperson for Trade, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson said that this weekend’s meeting of Trade Ministers for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement is being carried out in total secrecy.


Only the Greens take a stand against ISDS in trade deals by opposing KAFTA

02 Oct 2014

Greens Spokesperson for Trade, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, last night lashed out at Labor for supporting the Government over the Korean-Australia Free Trade deal that included the dangerous Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provisions.


Labor and Liberal in lock-step on Trojan Horse Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provisions in Trade deals

28 Aug 2014

The Greens spokesperson for Trade, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson says that when it comes to failing to protect the public interest from corporations being given rights to sue Australia, there is no difference between Labor and Liberal.


Time to put Trojan horse provisions in trade deals out to pasture

06 Aug 2014

The Greens spokesperson for Trade, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, provides the following comments about today’s hearing into the Greens Bill to ban Investor-State Dispute Settlement provisions in trade deals - Trade and Foreign Investment (Protecting the Public Interest) Bill 2014.


Australian Medical Association lash out at nasties lurking in trade deal

24 Jul 2014

Greens spokesperson for Trade, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, lends his support to the Australian Medical Association (AMA) in its calls for the Australian government to reject provisions in the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) that “could undermine the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and compromise the ability of governments to improve public health.”


Labor and PUP fail to hold Abbott Government accountable on human rights in trade deals

07 Jul 2014

Today in the Senate the Australian Greens attempted to move a motion calling on the Government to make human rights for women, religious minorities, and LGBT individuals a condition of trade under the already secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) but were blocked by not only the Government Senators but also Labor and the Palmer United Party.


Three days and counting. A stroke of a pen will bring accessible books to the blind and visually impaired

23 Jun 2014

There are three days remaining for Australia to sign the Marrakesh Treaty, a global agreement to make books and other reading materials available copyright-free to the blind and visually impaired people of the world.


Wikileaks reveals Australian government on global deregulation bender

20 Jun 2014

The Greens spokesperson for Trade, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson provides the following comments in response to the WikiLeaks revelation about the details of the Trade in Services Agreement being negotiated by the Australian Government.


Recent Articles and ISDS cases

15 Mar 2014

Recent Articles and ISDS cases


Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) - The Trojan Horse in Trade Agreements

14 Mar 2014

ISDS allows foreign investors to sue governments if their investments are ‘harmed' by a national, state or local policy or law.

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