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Investigation needed into how pirate vessel Thunder was let free by authorities

The discovery by Sea Shepherd of the notorious pirate vessel, illegally fishing in the Southern Ocean between Heard Island and Antarctica indicates a worrying failure of international co-operation, Greens spokesperson for Fisheries Senator Peter Whish-Wilson said.

Senator Whish-Wilson said, “In December 2013 Interpol issued a Purple Notice alerting authorities that the Thunder was fishing illegally in the Southern Ocean.

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Greens welcome RV Investigator

Australian Greens Senator for Tasmania, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, attended the Welcome to Port celebrations for the RV Investigator in Hobart today.

Senator Whish-Wilson said, “This vessel is going to give Australia unprecedented capacity to undertake marine and climate research throughout the Southern Ocean.

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Report vindicates Greens stance on industrial-scale factory fishing vessels

The Australian Greens spokesperson for Fisheries, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, provides the following comments on the release of the “Report of the Expert Panel on a Declared Commercial Fishing Activity: Final (Small Pelagic Fishery) Declaration 2012,” a scientific review into the likely impacts of the super trawler.

Senator Whish-Wilson said, “This super trawler scientific report vindicates the position of the Greens, recreational fishers, environment groups and the wider Tasmanian community.

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Death sentence for nearly 4000 whales as Australian Government sits on hands

The Greens Spokesperson for Whaling, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, provides the following comments on the announcement of the new Japanese Whaling program for 2015/16 and beyond.

Senator Whish-Wilson said “Japan has issued themselves a permit to kill nearly 4000 Minke Whales in Antarctic waters. They want to put 333 whales on the butcher’s block, every year for the next twelve years.

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Greens support push for better seafood labelling

The Greens spokesperson for Fisheries, Peter Whish-Wilson welcomes the establishment of the Label My Fish Alliance who is calling for improved labelling of seafood.

Senator Whish-Wilson said, “The evidence is in. With clearer labelling of seafood, we can achieve healthier oceans and ensure local commercial fishers get better a financial return from their effort.

“Australians who have viewed “What’s the Catch?” on SBS recently have been horrified to learn the dark side of where some of our imported seafood comes from.

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Australia’s leadership gap allows Japan back into the whaling game

Greens spokesperson for whaling, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, provides the following comments on Japan’s efforts at the International Whaling Commission (IWC) to reinstate their whaling program despite losing the International Court of Justice (ICJ) case against Australia.

Senator Whish-Wilson said, “Since the ICJ case, Australia has failed to provide any leadership by putting public pressure on Japan to abandon any future plans to reinstate their whaling program.

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